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Canon HFG25 2.3 Mexgapixel HD Digital Video CameraHFG25Check AvailabilityNZ$1255.21Add to Cart
HFG40 CAMCORDERHFG40Check AvailabilityNZ$1747.42Add to Cart
XA20 Full HD 1920x1080 20x Optical / 40XA20Check AvailabilityNZ$2297.84Add to Cart
XA25 Full HD 1920x1080 20x Optical / 40XA25Check AvailabilityNZ$3076.59Add to Cart
XF100 MPEG-2 FULL HD DIGITAL VIDEOXF100Check AvailabilityNZ$3076.59Add to Cart
XA35 DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERAXA35Check AvailabilityNZ$3169.67Add to Cart
XF105 MPEG-2 FULL HD DIGITAL VIDEOXF105Check AvailabilityNZ$3728.26Add to Cart
XF200 PROFESSIONAL VIDEO CAMERAXF200Check AvailabilityNZ$4100.65Add to Cart
XF205 PROFESSIONAL VIDEO CAMERAXF205Check AvailabilityNZ$5031.64Add to Cart
XF300 MPEG-2 FULL HD DIGITAL VIDEOXF300Check AvailabilityNZ$5590.21Add to Cart
XF305 MPEG-2 FULL HD DIGITAL VIDEOXF305Check AvailabilityNZ$6148.78Add to Cart
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