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Acer Notebook Power+Show All On Hand Notebook PowerPart#On HandPrice
Acer AC adapter with power cable 65W for TMP246-M/TMP 257-M/TMP249-M+TMP259-M/TMP446-M+TMP449-M/TMP645-S/TMP648-M/TMP658-MTP.PWCAB.31-A052NZ$95.17Add to Cart
Acer USB 3.0 DockingNP.DCK11.004-A05Check AvailabilityNZ$267.52Add to Cart
HP Notebook Power+Show All On Hand Notebook PowerPart#On HandPrice
HP USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter (N2Z63AA)N2Z63AACheck AvailabilityNZ$33.21Add to Cart
HP USB-C to VGA Adapter (N9K76AA) - for HP Elite x2 1012N9K76AAmore than 4NZ$41.93Add to Cart
HP USB 3.0 to Gigabit LAN Adapter (N7P47AA) - Replaces XZ613AAN7P47AA4NZ$43.67Add to Cart
HP 65W Smart AC Adapter (H6Y89AA) 4.5mm (replaces ED494AA)H6Y89AAmore than 4NZ$48.92Add to Cart
HP USB-C DisplayPort Adapter (N9K78AA) - for HP Elite x2 1012
  • *Recent Price Drop. Save NZ$5.18
  • N9K78AA3NZ$59.38Add to Cart
    HP Dock Connector to Ethernet and VGA Adapter (G7U78AA)G7U78AACheck AvailabilityNZ$79.95Add to Cart
    HP 45W USB-C Vehicle Adapter (Z3Q87AA)Z3Q87AACheck AvailabilityNZ$128.68Add to Cart
    HP USB-C to RJ45 + USB 3.0 + USB-C Adapter (N2Z64AA)N2Z64AA4NZ$142.37Add to Cart
    HP USB Travel Dock (T0K30AA)T0K30AA1NZ$143.90Add to Cart
    HP USB-C Travel Dock (T0K29AA)T0K29AACheck AvailabilityNZ$179.13Add to Cart
    HP 90W Slim Combo Adapter w/USB (tips: 4.5mm, 7.4mm, n-Smart) (H6Y84AA), it replaced H4A41AAH6Y84AACheck AvailabilityNZ$210.59Add to Cart
    HP USB-C Notebook Power Bank (2NA10AA) - Charges HP x2 1012 G1+G2, x2 612 G2 Elitebook x360 1030 G2, x360 1020 G2, Folio G12NA10AACheck AvailabilityNZ$219.58Add to Cart
    HP 90W Docking Station (A7E32AA) for HP 2170p, 6470b, 6570b, 8470p, 8570p Series, 650 G1 and 640 G1 Notebooks with USB 3.0/Display PortA7E32AACheck AvailabilityNZ$238.84Add to Cart
    HP USB-C Universal Dock (1MK33AA)1MK33AACheck AvailabilityNZ$348.52Add to Cart
    Targus Notebook Power+Show All On Hand Notebook PowerPart#On HandPrice
    Targus DOCK411AU USB-C DisplayPort Alt-Mode Travel Dock, 1x VGA, 1x HDMI, 1xUSB3DOCK411AUmore than 4NZ$101.26Add to Cart
    Targus DOCK110AU USB3.0 Dual Video Travel DockDOCK110AUmore than 4NZ$143.90Add to Cart
    Targus DOCK412AU USB-C Travel Dock with Power Pass-Through 1x VGA,1x HDMI, 1x DPDOCK412AUmore than 4NZ$153.65Add to Cart
    Targus DOCK120AUZ USB3.0 1K-2K Dual Video Docking StationDOCK120AUZmore than 4NZ$242.06Add to Cart
    Targus ACP7103AU USB3.0 1K Dual Video Docking Station with Laptop ChargingACP7103AUmore than 4NZ$311.81Add to Cart
    Targus DOCK177AUZ USB3.0 4K Dual DisplayPort Docking Station with Laptop ChargingDOCK177AUZmore than 4NZ$316.05Add to Cart
    Targus DOCK180AUZ USB-C 4K Dual DisplayPort Docking Station with Laptop ChargingDOCK180AUZmore than 4NZ$358.42Add to Cart
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