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Acer Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
DDR3 SODIMM PC8500-2GB 1066MHz for Acer NB.M471B5773GHS-CH91NZ$40.18Add to Cart
Acer Adapter for Chromebook/R13 Charger/Switch 12 Alpha/TMP236-M+TMP238-M/B117/B118/X349TP.PWCAB.29-A054NZ$81.45Add to Cart
Acer STM Switch 12 Alpha caseTP.STMS1.200-A05Check AvailabilityNZ$104.31Add to Cart
Acer eZDock port replicator II for TM62XX, TM64XX, TM65xx seriesTP.EZDOCKII.02more than 4NZ$153.65Add to Cart
Acer 3 years Onsite Warranty (from C77 to C86) for Acer TM Notebook and R13 model.N333C001-A05Check AvailabilityNZ$155.15Add to Cart
Acer Care Protection Plan - Additional 2 year onsite (Aspire Desktop)TP.ACERCARE.DTO3more than 4NZ$192.62Add to Cart
Acer Pro Dock III for TM P658 and P648, not for other modelsTP.PDOCK.003-A05more than 4NZ$258.55Add to Cart
Acer USB Type-C Docking Station for All USB-C Compatible DevicesNP.DCK11.01E-A05more than 4NZ$286.37Add to Cart
Alogic Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
ALOGIC Smartbox 32 Bay Notebook/Chromebook and Tablet Charging TrolleySB-CT32B156Check AvailabilityNZ$2200.84Add to Cart
Ergotron Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
DEEP KEYBOARD TRAY FOR WF-S and WF-A97-898Check AvailabilityNZ$123.82Add to Cart
HP Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
HP DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter (F3W43AA)F3W43AAmore than 4NZ$27.98Add to Cart
HP DisplayPort to DVI Adapter (F7W96AA)F7W96AACheck AvailabilityNZ$36.71Add to Cart
HP Essential Top Load Case (H2W17AA)H2W17AAmore than 4NZ$36.71Add to Cart
HP DisplayPort To VGA Adapter (F7W97AA)F7W97AACheck AvailabilityNZ$38.45Add to Cart
HP USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter (1WC36AA)1WC36AAmore than 4NZ$38.45Add to Cart
HP Desktop Mini Security/Dual VESA Sleeve v2 (2JA32AA) - replaces G1K22AA2JA32AAmore than 4NZ$40.18Add to Cart
HP 14.1 Business Slim Top Load (2SC65AA)2SC65AA2NZ$41.93Add to Cart
HP 15.6 Business Top Load (2SC66AA)2SC66AAmore than 4NZ$41.93Add to Cart
HP 45W Smart AC Adapter (4.5mm) (H6Y88AA)H6Y88AACheck AvailabilityNZ$41.93Add to Cart
HP USB-C to RJ45 Adapter (V7W66AA)V7W66AA1NZ$43.67Add to Cart
HP USB Wireless Mouse Z4000 (H5N61AA)H5N61AACheck AvailabilityNZ$54.14Add to Cart
HP Notebook Mobility Kit (H6L24AA) (16" notebook case and USB Mouse)H6L24AA2NZ$61.11Add to Cart
HP 90W Smart AC Adapter(H6Y90AA)H6Y90AAmore than 4NZ$66.34Add to Cart
HP 65W USB-C Power Adapter (1HE08AA)1HE08AA4NZ$80.31Add to Cart
HP USB-C to HDMI Adapter (P7Z55AA)P7Z55AACheck AvailabilityNZ$85.54Add to Cart
HP 15.6 Executive Black Slim Top Load (P6N20AA)P6N20AAmore than 4NZ$98.20Add to Cart
HP 3 year Next business day onsite Notebook Only Service (U9BA7E) Carepack - Service Item OnlyU9BA7ECheck AvailabilityNZ$108.87Add to Cart
HP 90W Slim AC Adapter (H6Y83AA)H6Y83AACheck AvailabilityNZ$111.92Add to Cart
HP 65W Slim Adapter (HP 65W Slim Adapter (tips: 4.5mm, 7.4mm, n-Smart) (H6Y82AA)--replace AX727AAH6Y82AACheck AvailabilityNZ$113.45Add to Cart
HP USB-C Travel Power Adapter 65W (X7W50AA)X7W50AACheck AvailabilityNZ$113.45Add to Cart
HP 3 year Next business day Onsite Notebook Only Service (UQ992E)UQ992ECheck AvailabilityNZ$140.86Add to Cart
HP Integrated Work Center - Desktop Mini / Thin Client (G1V61AA)G1V61AACheck AvailabilityNZ$140.86Add to Cart
HP USB-C Mini Dock (1PM64AA) 2xUSB 3.0, 1xRJ45, 1xVGA, 1xHDMI - (Support Power Pass Thru)1PM64AAmore than 4NZ$164.13Add to Cart
HP Evolution Leather Case fits up to 15.6" (C3W88PA)C3W88PAmore than 4NZ$209.09Add to Cart
HP 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz SODIMM Memory for Business Notebook (H6Y77AA)H6Y77AACheck AvailabilityNZ$263.05Add to Cart
HP Elite USB-C Dock G4 (3FF69AA) - recommended for x2 1012 G2, x2 612 G2, x360 1040 G4, x360 1030 G2, x360 1020 G23FF69AAmore than 4NZ$275.02Add to Cart
HP UltraSlim Dock 2013 (D9Y32AA) with 2 x Display Ports, for HP 820, 840 and 850, 9470m, Folio1040, Revolvo 810, Zbook 14D9Y32AAmore than 4NZ$284.01Add to Cart
HP USB-C Dock (Y0K80AA) - for Consumer Models with USB-CY0K80AACheck AvailabilityNZ$288.50Add to Cart
HP Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand (AW664AA)AW664AAmore than 4NZ$301.92Add to Cart
HP 3 Year Next business day onsite HW Support W/Accidental Damage Protection for NB (U0VT9E) - Carepack Service Item (Excess 55ex)U0VT9ECheck AvailabilityNZ$328.75Add to Cart
HP 3 year 3 day onsite Notebook Service (UM954E) Carepack - Service Item OnlyUM954ECheck AvailabilityNZ$338.64Add to Cart
HP USB-C Universal Dock with 4.5mm Adapter (2UF95AA)2UF95AAmore than 4NZ$385.25Add to Cart
HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2 (2UK37AA)2UK37AAmore than 4NZ$393.73Add to Cart
HP Thunderbolt Dock 230W G2 (2UK38AA)2UK38AACheck AvailabilityNZ$495.82Add to Cart
Kensington Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
DOCKING STATION VESA MOUNTING PLATE33959Check AvailabilityNZ$17.98Add to Cart
Targus Notebook Options+Show All On Hand Notebook OptionsPart#On HandPrice
Targus Notebook Stand and Tablet PC (PA247U)PA247UCheck AvailabilityNZ$55.89Add to Cart
Targus 45W USB-C Car ChargerAPD39AUmore than 4NZ$80.70Add to Cart
Targus 45W USB-C Universal Wall ChargerAPA95AUCheck AvailabilityNZ$86.04Add to Cart
TARGUS UNIVERSAL MONITOR STAND (PA235U)PA235UCheck AvailabilityNZ$86.04Add to Cart
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