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Acer Notebook Computers+Show All Acer Notebook ComputersPart#On HandPrice
Aspire R3 11.6 TOUCH CELERON 4G 32G W10NX.G10SA.002-C77more than 4NZ$446.80Add to Cart
SWITCH10 PRO 10.1TFHD Z8300 2G 32G 1YNT.G62SA.001-F36more than 4NZ$557.23Add to Cart
Acer TravelMate P449-M-35Z7, Intel Core i3-6100U, 4GB, 500GB HDD, 14 HD, Win10 Home, 1Yr WtyNX.VDKSA.002-C771NZ$629.61Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P257 15.6 I3 4G 500G DVD W7PNX.VB0SA.007-C774NZ$900.75Add to Cart
Aspire V3-372 13.3 I5 4G 128G W10NX.G7ASA.006 -C77more than 4NZ$913.02Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P257 15.6 I3 4G 500G DVD W7PNX.VB0SA.007-C87more than 4NZ$919.15Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P257 15.6 I5 4G 500G DVD W7PNX.VB0SA.008-C87more than 4NZ$962.10Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P246 14IN I3 4G 500G W7PNX.V9VSA.002-C87more than 4NZ$974.37Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P236 13.3IN I3 4G 500G W7PNX.VAPSA.006-C87more than 4NZ$1011.17Add to Cart
Aspire V3-372 13.3FHD I5 4G 256G W10NX.G7ASA.009-C77more than 4NZ$1047.98Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P236 13.3IN I5 4G 500G W7PUN.VAPSA.904-C87more than 4NZ$1097.05Add to Cart
Acer Swift 3, Core i7-8550U 1.8Ghz, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 15.6 HD, No Optical. Wind 10 Home 64, GoldSF315-52-81HD1NZ$1108.09Add to Cart
SWITCH11PRO 11.6T FHD IPS M5 4G 128GNT.G2TSA.003-F36more than 4NZ$1133.85Add to Cart
SWITCH12A 12IN QHD I3 4G 128G W10PRONT.LB9SA.005-F36more than 4NZ$1170.67Add to Cart
ASPIRE-S5 13.3IN FHD I5 8G 256G W10NX.GCHSA.003more than 4NZ$1219.75Add to Cart
SWITCH12A 12IN QHD I5 4G 256G W10PRONT.LB9SA.007-F36more than 4NZ$1379.25Add to Cart
TMP645M 14in I5 4G 500G 3YNX.V99SA.009-C86more than 4NZ$1397.65Add to Cart
ASPIRE-S5 13.3IN FHD I7 8G 256G W10NX.GCHSA.004-C77more than 4NZ$1416.04Add to Cart
ASPIRE V3-372 13.3 FHD I7 8G 256G W10NX.G7ASA.015-C77more than 4NZ$1452.85Add to Cart
SWITCH12A 12IN QHD I5 8G 256G W10PRONT.LB9SA.003-F36more than 4NZ$1514.21Add to Cart
TRAVELMATE P645 14IN I5 8G 128G W7PNX.VATSA.020-C86more than 4NZ$1514.21Add to Cart
ASPIRE-S5 13.3IN FHD I7 8G 512G W10NX.GCHSA.006-C77more than 4NZ$1630.76Add to Cart
Aspire R13 13.3in TOUCH FHD I5 4G 128G WNX.G8SSA.001-C87more than 4NZ$1661.44Add to Cart
SWITCH12A 12IN QHD I7 8G 512G W10PRONT.LB9SA.004-F36more than 4NZ$1870.00Add to Cart
SWITCH11 PRO 11.6T FHD M5 4G 128G 1YNT.GA9SA.003-F36more than 4NZ$2133.80Add to Cart
PREDATOR G9 15.6FHD 16G 128G+1TB V3GNX.Q07SA.002-C77more than 4NZ$2595.80Add to Cart
PREDATOR G9 17.3FHD 16G 128G+1TB V3GNX.Q03SA.003-C773NZ$2595.80Add to Cart
PREDATOR G9 15.6FHD 16G 256G+1TB V4GNX.Q05SA.006-C771NZ$3150.94Add to Cart
PREDATOR G9 17.3FHD 32G 256G+1TB V4GNX.Q02SA.009-C771NZ$3212.63Add to Cart
Asus Notebook Computers+Show All Asus Notebook ComputersPart#On HandPrice
E200HA 11.6 Z8300 2G 32G W10 1Y OFFICEE200HA-FD0005TSmore than 4NZ$367.56Add to Cart
E200HA 11.6 Z8300 2G 32G W10 1Y OFFICEE200HA-FD0004TSmore than 4NZ$367.56Add to Cart
X205TA 11.6 Z3735F 2G 32G W10 1Y OFFICEX205TA-FD0060TSmore than 4NZ$367.56Add to Cart
X502SA 15.6IN CELERON 4G 500G DVD W10PX502SA-XO094Tmore than 4NZ$471.33Add to Cart
C100PA 10.1IN TOUCH CONVERTIBLE CHROMEBOC100PA-FS0009more than 4NZ$526.54Add to Cart
X540SA 15.6IN PENTIUM 4G 500G DVD W10PX540SA-XX053T1NZ$557.23Add to Cart
T100HA 10.1T Z8500 2GB 64G W10 1YT100HA-FU008Tmore than 4NZ$569.49Add to Cart
ASUS Core i3-7020U 2.3Ghz, 4GB, 1TB, 15.6 HD, Win 10 Home 64X543UA-GQ2104Tmore than 4NZ$603.85Add to Cart
TP200SA 11.6T N3050 2GB 32GB W10 OFFICETP200SA-FV0166TSmore than 4NZ$624.71Add to Cart
TP200SA 11.6T N3050 4GB 64GB W10 OFFICETP200SA-FV0109Tmore than 4NZ$716.72Add to Cart
T100CHI 10.1in FHD Z3775 2G 64G W8.1T100CHI-FG003Bmore than 4NZ$778.05Add to Cart
A540LA 15.6IN I5 4G 1TB DVD W10PA540LA-XX521Rmore than 4NZ$802.60Add to Cart
F555 15.6IN I5 4G 500GB DVD W10PF555UJ-XO107Tmore than 4NZ$814.87Add to Cart
A540LA-XX521R + TSS867AUA540LA-XX521R + TSS867AUmore than 4NZ$818.54Add to Cart
X556UV 15.6 I5 4GB 1TB V2G DVD W10X556UV-XO022Tmore than 4NZ$925.28Add to Cart
A540LA 15.6IN I7 4G 1TB DVD W10PA540LA-XX452Rmore than 4NZ$962.10Add to Cart
A540LA-XX452R + TSS867AUA540LA-XX452R + TSS867AUmore than 4NZ$978.04Add to Cart
ASUS VivoBook, Core i5-8265U 1.6/3.9Ghz, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 15.6 FHD, MX230-2GB, Win 10 Home 64, 1 YX509FJ-EJ049Tmore than 4NZ$1022.22Add to Cart
F555UJ 15.6 I7 4GB 1TB V2G DVD W10F555UJ-XO106Tmore than 4NZ$1041.84Add to Cart
A540LA-XX452R + 90XB026N-BDS000A540LA-XX452R + 90XB026N-BDS000more than 4NZ$1062.71Add to Cart
X555UJ 15.6 I7 8GB 1TB DVD V2G W10F555UJ-XO051Tmore than 4NZ$1084.78Add to Cart
A555UJ 15.6IN I7 8G 1TB V2G DVD W10PA555UJ-XO233Rmore than 4NZ$1121.59Add to Cart
A555UJ-XO233R + TSS867AUA555UJ-XO233R + TSS867AUmore than 4NZ$1155.95Add to Cart
ASUS Core i5-8265U 1.6/3.9Ghz, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 14 FHD, Win 10 Pro 64, SilverX412FA-EK173Rmore than 4NZ$1164.54Add to Cart
ASUS Core i5-8265U 1.6/3.9Ghz, 8GB, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 17.3 FHD, Win 10 Home 64, SilverX712FA-AU256T1NZ$1189.07Add to Cart
A555UJ-XO233R + 90XB026N-BDS000A555UJ-XO233R + 90XB026N-BDS000more than 4NZ$1240.60Add to Cart
X550JX 15.6 FHD I5 8GB 1TB V2G DVD W10 1X550JX-DM244Tmore than 4NZ$1379.25Add to Cart
K501UX 15.6 FHD I5 8GB 1TB V4G W10 1YK501UX-DM136Tmore than 4NZ$1416.04Add to Cart
G551VW 15.6 FHD I7 8GB 1TB BRR V2G W10G551VW-FW148T4NZ$1747.31Add to Cart
BU201LA 12.5in i5 4G 128G W7P/W8 3YBU201LA-DT069Gmore than 4NZ$1943.63Add to Cart
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