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Cisco Networking Devices+Show All On Hand Networking DevicesPart#On HandPrice
DC Power Cord for IR829IR829-DC-PWRCORD=more than 4NZ$49.99Add to Cart
8821 Belt Holster withCP-HOLSTER-8821=more than 4NZ$68.23Add to Cart
Remote Control TRC 6 spareCTS-RMT-TRC6=2NZ$79.57Add to Cart
DIN Rail MountCMPCT-DIN-MNT=more than 4NZ$114.92Add to Cart
PWRSPLY AC/DC FOR IR829IR829-PWR125W-AC=more than 4NZ$183.93Add to Cart
VESA Adapter and Wall Mount Kit for DX80CP-DX80-VESA=2NZ$219.84Add to Cart
1570 SERIES POLE-MOUNT KIT (TYPE-2)AIR-ACCPMK1570-2=2NZ$379.80Add to Cart
IP Phone 8865CP-8865-K9=2NZ$516.10Add to Cart
2P Ntwrk Interface Mod FXS FXS-E and DIDNIM-2FXS=1NZ$680.64Add to Cart
802.11AC W2 AP W/CA 4X4:3 INT ANT 2XGBEAIR-AP2802I-Z-K9more than 4NZ$774.45Add to Cart
10GBASE-LR SFP ModuleSFP-10G-LR-S=more than 4NZ$1504.15Add to Cart
802.11AC W2 AP W/CA 4X4:3 MOD INT ANT MGAIR-AP3802I-Z-K9more than 4NZ$1642.65Add to Cart
Cisco 897 VDSL2/ADSL2+ over.C897VAW-E-K9Check AvailabilityNZ$2084.21Add to Cart
Sec GE and SFP Rtr LTE / HSPA+ w/SMS/GPSC899G-LTE-GA-K91NZ$2238.03Add to Cart
Catalyst 3560-CX 12WS-C3560CX-12PD-S4NZ$2431.53Add to Cart
SX10 HD w/ wall mount int 5x cam and micCTS-SX10N-K9more than 4NZ$3162.07Add to Cart
Cisco ISR 4331 UC Bundle PVDM4-32 UC LicISR4331-V/K91NZ$4836.10Add to Cart
CISCO ISR 4351 (3GE 3NIM 2SM 4G FLASH 4GISR4351/K91NZ$7583.75Add to Cart
SX20 Quick w/ P40 CamCTS-SX20N-P40-K9more than 4NZ$7946.22Add to Cart
ISR 4431ISR4431/K92NZ$12584.04Add to Cart
CISCO ISR 4351 BUNDLE WITH UC and SEC LICISR4351-VSEC/K91NZ$13048.44Add to Cart
256-channel DSP modulePVDM4-256=1NZ$14339.36Add to Cart
Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series switchWS-C3850-24XU-L2NZ$14585.23Add to Cart
HPE Networking Devices+Show All On Hand Networking DevicesPart#On HandPrice
Ethernet 10Gb 2P 560FLR-SFP+ Adptr665243-B212NZ$425.55Add to Cart
FlexFabric 10Gb 2P 533FLR-T Adptr700759-B211NZ$567.75Add to Cart
ETHERNET 10GB 2P 530SFP+ ADPTR652503-B21more than 4NZ$611.26Add to Cart
ETHERNET 10GB 2P 530T ADPTR656596-B211NZ$654.24Add to Cart
Ethernet 10Gb 2P 561FLR-T Adptr700699-B214NZ$697.76Add to Cart
HPE 1950 12XGT 4SFP+ SWITCHJH295A1NZ$2228.44Add to Cart
HP Ethernet 10Gb 2P 570SFP+ Adptr718904-B212NZ$2494.76Add to Cart
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