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Canon Lenses+Show All On Hand LensesPart#On HandPrice
ECEB EYECUP EB TO SUIT EOSECEBCheck AvailabilityNZ$21.94Add to Cart
ECEF EYECUP EF TO SUIT EOSECEFCheck AvailabilityNZ$21.94Add to Cart
ECED Eyecup EdECEDCheck AvailabilityNZ$25.35Add to Cart
MA52C Macro AdaptorMA52CCheck AvailabilityNZ$25.87Add to Cart
E14 14mm Lens CapE14Check AvailabilityNZ$26.53Add to Cart
ECEG Eyecup EGECEGCheck AvailabilityNZ$26.53Add to Cart
ECECII Eyecup Ec-IIECECIICheck AvailabilityNZ$27.57Add to Cart
E+1 DiOptionric LensE+1Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
E+3 DiOptionric LensE+3Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
E-0.5 DiOptionric Adjustment LensE-0.5Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
E-2 DiOptionric Adjustment LensE-2Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
E-3 DiOptionric Adjustment LensE-3Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
E-4 DiOptionric Adjustment LensE-4Check AvailabilityNZ$28.75Add to Cart
ET60 LENS HOOD DIAMETER 58MMET60Check AvailabilityNZ$31.01Add to Cart
EDII Angle Finder AdaptorEDIICheck AvailabilityNZ$34.38Add to Cart
E73 Lens CapE73Check AvailabilityNZ$36.64Add to Cart
EW60C LENS HOOD DIAMETER 58MMEW60CCheck AvailabilityNZ$36.64Add to Cart
EG+1 Dioptric Lens EG +1EG+1Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
EG+2 Dioptric Lens EG +2EG+2Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
EG+3 Dioptric Lens EG +3EG+3Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
EG-2 Dioptric LensS EG-2EG-2Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
EG-3 Dioptric Lens EG-3EG-3Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
EG-4 Dioptric Lens EG-4EG-4Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
FADC67A Filter AdaptorFADC67A1NZ$44.50Add to Cart
LHDC60 Lens HoodLHDC60Check AvailabilityNZ$44.50Add to Cart
LP1019 Lens CaseLP1019Check AvailabilityNZ$45.64Add to Cart
EW63II Lens Hood Diameter 58mmEW63IICheck AvailabilityNZ$46.75Add to Cart
EW65II Lens Hood Diameter 52mmEW65IICheck AvailabilityNZ$49.00Add to Cart
LP1116 Lens CaseLP1116Check AvailabilityNZ$49.00Add to Cart
EW60II Lens Hood Diameter 58mmEW60IICheck AvailabilityNZ$55.75Add to Cart
EW78BII LENS HOOD DIAMETER 72MMEW78BIICheck AvailabilityNZ$57.99Add to Cart
ET67B LENS HOOD DIAMETER 52MMET67BCheck AvailabilityNZ$60.28Add to Cart
EW83H LENS HOOD DIAMETER 77MMEW83HCheck AvailabilityNZ$60.28Add to Cart
ES71II LENS HOOD DIAMETER 58MMES71IICheck AvailabilityNZ$62.50Add to Cart
LP1424 Lens CaseLP1424Check AvailabilityNZ$66.95Add to Cart
72C Macro Adaptor72CCheck AvailabilityNZ$67.03Add to Cart
58ND-4L NEUTRAL DENSITY FLTR 58MM ND-4L58ND-4LCheck AvailabilityNZ$68.07Add to Cart
EW78D LENS HOOD EW-78D SUITS EFS18-200ISEW78DCheck AvailabilityNZ$68.12Add to Cart
ET74 LENS HOOD ET-74ET74Check AvailabilityNZ$71.54Add to Cart
ET83C Lens Hood Diameter 77mmET83CCheck AvailabilityNZ$71.54Add to Cart
EW73B LENS HOOD DIAMETER 67MMEW73BCheck AvailabilityNZ$71.54Add to Cart
LHDC70 Lens Adapter for G1XLHDC70Check AvailabilityNZ$71.54Add to Cart
LHDC100+FADC67B LENS HOOD AND FILTER ADALHDC100+FADC67BCheck AvailabilityNZ$78.23Add to Cart
EC Anti-Fog EyepieceECCheck AvailabilityNZ$78.29Add to Cart
EW83CII Lens Hood Diameter 77mmEW83CIICheck AvailabilityNZ$82.78Add to Cart
EW83E LENS HOOD DIAMETER 77MMEW83ECheck AvailabilityNZ$82.78Add to Cart
EW83F Lens Hood Diameter 77mmEW83FCheck AvailabilityNZ$82.78Add to Cart
EW83J LENS HOOD FOR EFS17-55MM F/2.8 ISEW83JCheck AvailabilityNZ$82.78Add to Cart
ET73B Lens Hood Diameter 67mmET73BCheck AvailabilityNZ$78.78Add to Cart
ET65B LENS HOOD DIAMETER 58MMET65BCheck AvailabilityNZ$78.81Add to Cart
EW78E LENS HOOD TO SUIT EFS15-85ISEW78ECheck AvailabilityNZ$78.81Add to Cart
EW75II Lens Hood Diameter 72mmEW75IICheck AvailabilityNZ$87.67Add to Cart
CU52500D Close-Up Lens 52MM 500DCU52500DCheck AvailabilityNZ$138.78Add to Cart
CAMERA 52mm CLOSE-UP LENS PS-A30/40/60/70/IXUS400(CU52250)CU52250Check AvailabilityNZ$149.21Add to Cart
CAMERA 58mm CLOSE-UP LENS PS-G1/G2/G3 (250D)250DCheck AvailabilityNZ$149.21Add to Cart
CAMERA WIDE CONVERTER LENS PSA30/40/60/70(WCDC52)WCDC52Check AvailabilityNZ$164.66Add to Cart
500D 58MM CLOSE-UP LENS500DCheck AvailabilityNZ$165.62Add to Cart
CAMERA TELE CONVERTOR LENS PSA80 - TCDC52ATCDC52ACheck AvailabilityNZ$187.87Add to Cart
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