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HP Desktop Mini Chassis Tower Stand (G1K23AA)G1K23AACheck AvailabilityNZ$12.28Add to Cart
HP Serial Port Adapter (PA716A)PA716Amore than 4NZ$26.25Add to Cart
HP Parallel Port Adapter (KD061AA) for HP Desktop Systems (KD061AA)KD061AACheck AvailabilityNZ$27.98Add to Cart
HP USB to Serial Port Adapter (J7B60AA)J7B60AACheck AvailabilityNZ$40.18Add to Cart
HP LCD Speaker Bar (NQ576AA)NQ576AACheck AvailabilityNZ$57.64Add to Cart
HP Optical Bay HDD Mounting Bracket (NQ099AA)NQ099AACheck AvailabilityNZ$80.31Add to Cart
HP USB Graphics Adapter (NL571AA)NL571AACheck AvailabilityNZ$104.31Add to Cart
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